Finance           贷款融资

住宅 投资 商业 抵押 拍卖

         Insurance          各类保险

人寿 房屋 生意 汽车

       Estate Agent         房产中介

住宅 商业

     Utility Services      能源合约

水 电 煤 电话 网络

Merchant Services 商银服务

商业账户 银行刷卡机

    Money Transfer       全球汇款


Exert business consulting. We take care of and support all the processes and structures of your business for you.

We combine our experience and expertise to provide the best possible expert advice – this is what sets us apart. Find out more about us, the principles we work by, and the leading minds behind our company.

Exploring new approaches has a long tradition in our house. Yet we have managed to keep our basic values and principles intact, in spite of our willingness to develop.

Main Benefits for Premium Member

We offer business consulting you can depend on, based on many years of experience and close customer relationships.

The long-standing and trustful relationships we have with our clients are based on the methods we use to enhance both their performance and their profits, which we continually tweak to match the changing requirements of the market. The continuous reciprocal traffic of knowledge and experience between us and our clients forms the basis of the success of our consulting projects.

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